Hardback160 PagesSize: 250 × 190 mm
119 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9781848223264Publication: July 01, 2020

Designing London

Understanding the Character of the City

Ike Ijeh



  • The first definitive book on the key architectural ingredients forming London's urban character and how these can be used to design a better city
  • Explores the unique role public space plays in London, arguing that it is the space between buildings, more than the buildings themselves, that underpin urban character 
  • Presents the similarities between urban character and human personality to offer a unique perspective from which to explore London's urban design

Urban character is frequently cited by planners, developers and architects as something they wish to protect and enhance. But little or no effort is ever made to define urban character in specific or quantitative terms.

In Designing London, architect and critic Ike Ijeh provides a definitive and comprehensive analysis of London’s urban character. He establishes
key principles by which the architecture of the capital’s streets, buildings and spaces can be designed to enhance the character of the city. He first identifies and analyses the constituent physical, social and environmental ingredients that form London’s urban character and reviews the architectural, historic and planning context within which these ingredients operate. Then, through case studies of recent and proposed architectural projects, he discusses examples of how London’s character has either been undermined or enhanced. Ultimately, the book emphasises the enormous value of London’s unique urban character and encourages greater understanding and awareness of how that character is directly affected by architectural design decisions.

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