Hardcover160 PagesSize: 198 × 129 mm
ISBN: 9781848223745Publication: November 15, 2019

'A fascinating read [...] Glover is a sharply funny writer' – The Companion


'This highly accessible compilation attempts a lighter interpretation and the dictionary format allows quick and easy access to the encyclopaedic range of topics the great man was willing to tackle.' – Henry Malt, The Artist

‘Ruskin revived, reconsidered – and lightly reimagined. Michael Glover’s entertaining approach invites us to explore the byways of Ruskin’s life and thought, without losing sight of his essential greatness. A bicentennial bonus.’ – Robert Hewison, Honorary Professor at the Ruskin Centre, Lancaster University

John Ruskin

An Idiosyncratic Dictionary Encompassing his Passions, his Delusions and his Prophecies

Compiled by Michael Glover



  • Published to coincide with the bi-centenary of Ruskin's birth
  • An accessible guide to a fascinating Victorian art critic and thinker, presented in dictionary format for the first time

From Aesthete to Ziffern, Baby-Language to Verbosity, Badgers to Railway Stations: this gloriously serendipitous dictionary presents the life, times and strong opinions of John Ruskin (1819-1900) - art critic, patron, draughtsman, watercolourist, social thinker and philanthropist.

Michael Glover's delightful A-Z distills the essence of Ruskin, revealing a lighter side to the man known for his 39 volumes of ponderous prose.  When off his guard, Ruskin could write pithily and amusingly, but he was also a fascinating amalgam of self-contradictions. Combining judiciously selected extracts from Ruskin's writings with the author's wittily insightful interpretations, this book is essential reading for all those curious to know what Ruskin did with a cyanometer, why he hated iron railings and the Renaissance, and how Proust's admiration of the man was tinged with distrust. 
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