Hardback192 PagesSize: 270 × 228 mm
200 colour illustrations and 7 B&W illustrations
ISBN: 9781848224766Publication: October 01, 2021

’If it is possible to say a book smells and tastes of the sea…I love the sea and I feel as if Kurt Jackson has captured it in all its moods just for me to take to some place where I’ll never see or hear it again, but the memory will be indelibly etched in these pages by these glorious, life affirming paintings. The Chinese have a saying that you can never cross the same river twice. They are right and the same holds true for the view of the sea from a great artist at the peak of his powers’.

Sir Tim Smit KBE
Executive Co-Chair Eden Project International and Executive Vice Chair & Co-Founder Eden Project


Kurt Jackson's Sea

Kurt Jackson with a foreword by Julian Spalding



  • First book dedicated to Kurt Jackson's depictions of the sea.
  • Includes a foreword by award-winning art writer Julian Spalding, who pinpoints the importance of Jackson's artistic voice at a time of environmental emergency. 


For Kurt Jackson (b.1961), ‘Painting the sea could become an obsession, an entire oeuvre in its own right, an endless life absorbing task.’ And, as this book attests, Jackson’s dedication to capturing its constant shape shifting – stillness to thundering force, shallows to mysterious depths – have brought forth paintings that communicate the sea's ebb and flow, its magic and elusiveness.

Kurt Jackson's Sea captures the beauty of the artist's constantly evolving relationship with one of nature's most challenging subjects. Two hundred colour images complement Jackson's reflections on his interactions with inspirational coastal landscapes - largely experienced in his native Cornwall, but stretching way beyond the county too. 

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