Hardback352 PagesSize: 250 × 190 mm
250 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9781848223219Publication: January 01, 2021

illustrated' Ayla Lepine, Church Times


book is a truly major contribution to the study of Victorian and Edwardian
church architecture and a wonderful travelling companion.' - Ken Powell, The Victorian magazine


'A beautifully written and designed gazetteer, illustrated in colour throughout with the author’s own excellent photographs, it provides detailed information, lively anecdotes and firm opinions in equal measure.' - Spectator, 'Books of the Year'

'A great book' - Peyton Skipwith

'A must both for enthusiasts and those new to the subject'
  The William Morris Society Magazine

'So pleasantly written, and so comprehensively and beautifully illustrated, that it will surely attract many new enthusiasts.' – The Victorian Web

Arts & Crafts Churches

Alec Hamilton



  • The first book on Arts & Crafts churches in Britain
  • Lavishly illustrated, it discusses more than 200 Arts & Crafts churches built mostly between 1884 and 1918, and lists a further 350 that reflect Arts & Crafts aesthetics and ideas.  
  • Analyses the artistic, social and political context in which these churches were designed and built 

This comprehensive overview provides the first detailed account of the phenomenon of the Arts & Crafts church, examining more than 200 of the finest examples, mostly built between 1884 and 1918 in England, Scotland and Wales. Arts & Crafts studies tend to focus on houses and furniture: churches were no longer central to architects' practice. A handful of well-known churches have been written about extensively - WR Lethaby's Brockhampton, John Dando Sedding's Sloane Street, Philip Webb's Brampton, Great Warley, Roker, Mackintosh's Queen's Cross. But these famous examples obscure the existence of scores of churches that express Arts & Crafts ideas every bit as vividly. And they are rarely set alongside each other, nor seen within the wider context of not only how they were built, but why: what was going on in society?

These churches are visually arresting, with often quaint, at times far-fetched and capricious exteriors. Internally, they often contain beautiful works of art, including reredoses, pulpits, lecterns, pews, doors, lighting, stained glass and altars. They also tell a fascinating story about religion as Britain entered the age of modernity. While the architects were often religiously sceptical, they were still committed to making beauty, despite their ambivalence about its higher purpose.

Beginning with an introductory section in which author Alec Hamilton sets out the social and political context in which these churches were designed and constructed; on the Arts & Crafts more generally; and on the architects’ and clients’ beliefs, this book is then divided into regional sections: West Country; the South of England; the South East; London; the Home Counties; the Marches; the West Midlands; the East Midlands; the East of England; the North West; Yorkshire; the North of England; Wales; Scotland. Each section is headed by a short essay highlighting key architects and descriptions of notable churches within each region.

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