Hardback192 PagesSize: 240 × 170 mm
Includes 30 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 9781848223523Publication: January 01, 2021

Creative Legacies

Artists’ Estates and Foundations

Edited by Kathy Battista and Bryan Faller


  • Offers vital legacy-management information for visual practitioners in all fields, including art, architecture, decorative art and design

Creative Legacies provides a nuanced investigation of specific topics relevant to artists’ legacies. The book includes carefully selected perspectives from many of the world's foremost thought-leaders and practitioners in this field. Readers will come away from the book with a greater awareness of the complex issues central to working with creative individuals and how these and the scholarly dialogues pertaining to them affect the legacies in the present as well as in perpetuity.

Unlike a 'how-to' guide or an instruction manual, Creative Legacies illustrates that there is no singular or standard approach when working with artists; it highlights a spectrum of issues and considerations essential to understanding how a creative legacy is perceived and maintained economically, curatorially and critically.

Includes contributions by Kathy Battista, Alexandra Bowes-Lyon, Bryan Faller, Nathalie Khan, Christine Kuan, Lisa Le Feuvre, Christy MacLear, Daniel McClean, Tom McNulty, Mark Morris, Judith B. Prowda, Ann-Marie Richard, Christine J. Vincent, Eric M. Wolf, Robin Wright and Loretta Würtenberger.  


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