Hardback288 PagesSize: 315 × 256 mm
Includes 140 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9781848221918Publication: September 01, 2016

'Cavorting amid the ruins with Hubert Robert...a revelation'

Hubert Robert

Margaret Morgan Grasselli and Yuriko Jackall with contributions from Guillaume Faroult and Catherine Voiriot


  • Published to coincide with an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (26 June – 2 October 2016)
  • Features in-depth catalogue entries of exhibited works which include paintings (some of which appear on clay plates), drawings and prints
  • Written by leading experts in the field and presenting the most up-to-date research and scholarship


Known fondly as 'Robert des ruines' because of his penchant for painting ancient ruins, Hubert Robert (1733-1808) was one of France’s most successful and prominent artists during his lifetime. This outstanding publication, which accompanies the first monographic exhibition of his work, illuminates Robert's remarkable artistic achievements and his lasting contributions to French visual culture.

Robert's skills were manifold - he enjoyed great success as a painter, draftsman, interior decorator and garden architect. During his time in Rome, he fostered close professional bonds with artists such as Piranesi, Panini and Fragonard, while in Paris he flourished under the patronage of several wealthy French supporters including the Marquis de Marigny, brother of the famed Madame de Pompadour. Robert’s work later addressed the demise of this glittering society through both ominous scenes of disaster and representations of vandalized royalist monuments. Upon his own release from imprisonment following the French Revolution, Robert completed a series of meditative variations on the Grande Galerie of the Musée du Louvre, of which he had been appointed curator in 1784.

Thoroughly researched, this scholarly and beautifully produced publication will stand as the definitive book on Robert for many years to come.

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