Hardback144 PagesSize: 280 × 240 mm
100 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9781848222373Publication: February 01, 2018
Series: Contemporary Painters Series

Lois Dodd

Faye Hirsch


  • A timely study of the paintings of East-Coast American artist Lois Dodd (b.1927)
  • Based on extensive studio visits and interviews with Dodd, a pioneer of the postwar art scene of downtown New York City

This monograph on the paintings of Lois Dodd provides invaluable analysis and contextualisation of her work alongside such New York City contemporaries as Alex Katz, Philip Pearlstein and other denizens of the Tenth Street milieu of the 1950s. Emerging from the shadow of Abstract Expressionism, Dodd and this circle clung to a realism based in the early modernist tradition.

Beginning in the 1950s, Lois Dodd has steadfastly pursued her observational painting, remaining aloof from passing trends. She is widely admired as a ‘painter’s painter’ whose landscapes and city scenes display subtle effects of place, light and weather within graphically distilled compositions. Dodd’s works capture the intangible character of changing seasons or particular hours of day in locations throughout New York City, rural New Jersey and Maine, but the paintings betray no mark of era; they are curiously timeless.

Through extensive studio visits and interviews, Faye Hirsch considers the processes, places and impulses behind Dodd’s paintings and reveals her outwardly peaceful, reflective canvases to be the product of an alert and forceful eye and a powerfully efficient execution.

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