Hardback224 PagesSize: 270 × 249 mm
Includes 218 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9781848222366Publication: September 01, 2018

Street to Studio

Rafael Schacter with a foreword by Carlo McCormick


  • Marks the 50th anniversary of contemporary graffiti 
  • Presents the groundbreaking concept that graffiti and street art are entering a new phase - 'Intermural Art' 
  • Includes profiles on the key practitioners including Alicia McCarthy, Barry McGee, Christian Falsnaes, Eddie Martinez, Evan Roth, Filippo Minelli, Kaws, Mike Ballard, Swoon and The Propeller Group

For fifty years, graffiti and street art have been challenging conventions and stimulating debate around our perceptions of what constitutes art. As the genre enters its sixth decade, this ground-breaking book presents a new interpretation of where these alternative artforms are situated today. Introducing the concept of  'Intermural Art' - art in-between the walls - Rafael Schacter presents a genre at a key moment of transition.

While many street and graffiti artists are still challenging the orthodoxies of the public sphere, an increasingly prevalent group are reshaping the field by their studio practice. No longer furtively entering the institution, no longer slavishly reproducing exterior works inside, these artists have begun to create a form that articulates graffiti, street and contemporary-art influences, a form beholden on high art techniques and practices whilst simultaneously embracing its non-institutional roots. Through forty profiles of the leading proponents of this new approach from around the globe, Rafael Schacter presents a compelling analysis for 'Intermural Art' while also showcasing some of the boldest work being made within contemporary art today.

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